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Who wants to be a billionaire? Lydia Esparra goes in search of the secret to winning Powerball

Wednesday's Powerball jackpot is well over $1 billion.

CLEVELAND — When the Powerball jackpot crosses the $1 billion mark, you do whatever you have to to come up with lucky ways to win. 

You pick numbers relating to your birthday, your husband's birthday, your dog's birthday, whatever it takes. Need another number? You then remember that today is Nov. 2. So here we go! 

I told one family that I had the billion dollar ticket. I asked their baby boy if he wanted the ticket or a sucker? Nope, he wants the sucker and his daddy. 

Clearly I can't even take candy from a baby. 

There's also a theory that you can go to a famous person and see the secrets of how they made their money. I asked a likeness of Kevin Hart for some help. Come on Kevin, you've made millions in movies. You're a comedian. You have a lot of money. What's your secret? 

Nope, he's not talking.

However, they are talking at the closest watering hole. Now, there's also the saying that if you take a shot of tequila, it might bring you luck. 

Nah, not really. I just wanted the tequila. 

Apparently at the Brothers Lounge, someone else was thinking the same thing. That someone? My photojournalist Carl Bachtel. 

Come on Carl, we have to get back to work. 

The bottom line as far as winning the Powerball is it really comes down to dumb luck. So here's wishing you plenty of it!

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