Model Valeria Garcia made catwalk history when she strutted out wearing a breast pump underneath a lacy black bra and open black blazer.

The mom of two took high-fashion feeding to never-dared heights during London's Fashion Week over the weekend at the Marta Jakubowski fashion show. Garcia wore the Elvie Pump, billed as the world's first wearable breast pump

The silent pump syncs to a smartphone app and allows women to discreetly express milk at the office, home or during their daily commute. 

Elvie founder Tania Boler told England’s Evening Standard newspaper that the design reflected moms' requests to have pumping be as easy and as flexible as possible.

“Being a new mother can be incredibly stressful,” Boler said.


Not a first in runway breastfeeding

Runway model Mara Martin walked the runway while breastfeeding her 5-month-old daughter in July.

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These two pictures might be my favorite ones of last weekend! There is more than one message that we all can take from these. One being, I hope to normalize breastfeeding because it’s a natural thing women can do for their babies. I think women should be able to feed their babies how they want, when they want and where they want. End of discussion! Another message I hope comes out of this is that women need to be confident in themselves no matter what. There is no one shape, size, age, or ethnicity that defines beauty. We are all beautiful! Look at the final 16 girls that were chosen. All different. All beautiful. Thank you @si_swimsuit and @mj_day for celebrating that year after year. Lastly, never give up on your dreams and goals, even when it may seem like there are many barriers in front of you at times. You are stronger than you think! We can do it all! So my #wcw today is every woman out there!!!! WOMEN CRUSH WEDNESDAY! 1st: @quinn_willoughby 2nd: @theimagesniper #girlpower #siswimsearch #normalizebreastfeeding #bodypositivity

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The audience cheered the mother and daughter at Miami Swim Week as the duo hit the 2018 Sports Illustrated Swim Search runway.

After the show and the heap of praise from people on social media, Martin predicted that the timing was right for shattering even more boundaries – especially when it comes to where women can breastfeed, say the catwalk or their vehicles during a commute. She said on her Instagram:

"...I hope to normalize breastfeeding because it's a natural thing women can do for their babies. I think women should be able to feed their babies how they want, when they want and where they want."

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