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Australian swimmer backs out of Olympic trials, blames 'misogynistic perverts'

"You can no longer exploit young women and girls...and then expect them to represent you so you can earn your annual bonus," Olympic medalist Madeline Groves said.

WASHINGTON — Australian swimmer Madeline Groves, a two-time Olympic medalist, announced on Wednesday that she will not be competing at the country's Olympic swimming trials, citing "misogynistic perverts" as the reason for her decision.

In an Instagram post, Groves said she would not be competing in the trials in Adelaide on Saturday, and was "grateful to feel so supported in this decision."

She took screenshots of her Instagram post and shared them on Twitter, while further explaining her decision.

"Let this be a lesson to all misogynistic perverts in sport and their boot lickers - You can no longer exploit young women and girls, body shame or medically gaslight them and then expect them to represent you so you can earn your annual bonus," Groves wrote on Twitter. "Time’s UP."

Groves won silver medals in the 2016 Rio Olympics in the 200 meters Butterfly and the 4x100 meters Medley Relay.

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This isn't the first time Groves has spoken up about this matter. In November, she shared on social media that she made a complaint a few years ago about a person who made her feel uncomfortable, but despite the complaint the individual was later promoted.

She added, "I think he went through some personal development first hopefully to teach him to not stare at young women in their toga, THEN he got promoted."

She also tweeted about a time a "well known coach" asked her a creepy comment, but apologized 15 minutes later "possibly because the team psych told him to."

According to Reuters, Swimming Australia released a statement in Decemeber claiming that Groves "declined to provide further information nor do we have any previous complaints on record from Maddie."

The statement added: "We consider the welfare, safety and wellbeing of children and young people as paramount, and we have a duty to make inquiries to uphold the standards of our sport."

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