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Man killed by float, city cancels tandem floats for remainder of Mardi Gras

The Krewe of Endymion is being canceled after float 13 due to the crash.
A police officer works the scene where a man was reportedly hit and killed by a float of the Krewe of Endymion parade in the runup to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Saturday, Feb. 22, 2020. (Max Becherer/The Advocate via AP)

NEW ORLEANS (KWWL) — A man was struck and killed by a parade float near North Galvez and Canal Street Saturday evening, officials said.

Just like Wednesday night at the Krewe of Nyx, the victim was caught between two parts of a tandem float. It was not clear immediately if the man was pushed into the opening or if he fell pursuing some throws.

The city of New Orleans has now decided to cancel ALL tandem floats in the remaining parades of this season. There was no immediate word on how that would affect the remaining parades, several of which have tandem floats.

The Krewe of Bacchus has put out a statement saying they will comply with the City's request to split all tandem floats and are working with Kern Studios on the logistics.

"We have spoken with Kern Studios and we will comply with the City of New Orleans’ request to split our tandem floats," the statement reads. "The Krewe of Bacchus will roll as usual on Bacchus Sunday at 5:15 pm from Napoleon and Tchoupitoulas."

The victim was struck by float 14, the Captain S.S. Eddie. The Times-Picayune Tweeted that was the same float that killed a rider in 2008.

The Endymion parade, one of Carnival's most elaborate and lengthy was canceled after float 13. All of the units after that float did not finish parading, according to the city.

A video captured by a parade goer, captures float 14 passing by and then stopping and police racing to the scene.

"I cannot wrap my head around witnessing this," said Jonah Gilmore, a former WWL employee who was right where the accident occurred. "The screams, seeing CPR performed on his body, and seeing them finally drape that sheet. I never imagined I would witness something so horrific."

"We were just out here trying to enjoy the parade and someone was hit by a float - again," said a weary parade goer. "It makes you not want to go to the parades. All of this, over some beads."

Though there was no immediate word of how exactly the victim was killed, a tarp placed between two sections of a tandem float seemed eerily reminiscent of the tragedy at the Krewe of Nyx parade earlier this week.

The float image was captured by a photographer for the Times-Picayune | The New Orleans Advocate.

"Everyone was being super cautious after what happened the other night," said Brittany Anbo, a parade goer in from Mississippi. "And then the same thing happens again."

The fatal accident involving a float comes just a couple of days after a woman was run over and killed by the second half of a tandem float in the Krewe of Nyx parade Wednesday night.

That victim was struck by float 21. The first 20 floats in that parade finished parading, but the final 23 floats were canceled.