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Sen. Ted Cruz appears to doze off during President Biden's first joint address to Congress

Cruz responded to the incident on Twitter with the hashtag '#BoringButRadical.'

WASHINGTON — During President Joe Biden's first address to a joint Congress on Wednesday night, Texas Senator Ted Cruz was caught on camera appearing to doze off.

The video shows Cruz struggling to keep his eyes open as Biden discussed immigration reform. In videos showing Cruz's drooping eyelids, Biden can be heard saying, "If you actually want to solve a problem, I've sent a bill to take a close look at it." 

Biden's speech, which was just over an hour long and marked his first 100 days in office, hit a wide variety of topics like the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, jobs, education and his infrastructure plan.

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The Daily Show took a stab at Cruz over the video, tweeting: "Looks like Ted’s eyes are hooked up to his state’s power grid." The joke references the massive power outages across the state earlier this year following a severe winter storm. Cruz was accused of leaving for a family vacation in Cancún amid the chaos. 

Cruz responded to the incident of him dozing off on Twitter Wednesday night with a video and the hashtag "#BoringButRadical."

He later tweeted the same hashtag and added that "Joe Biden is deliberately being boring, but the substance of what he is saying is radical."

On Fox News, the senator, again, emphasized the phrase "boring, but radical."

"The speech by design was calm and dulcet tones, you know I challenge you to remember a single line from the speech," Cruz said. "It was monotone, the chamber was nearly empty, and that really has characterized the first hundred days of Joe Biden."

Cruz wasn't the only GOP lawmaker to criticize Biden's first address to a joint congress. 

Sen. Tim Scott in his nationally televised rebuttal of Biden's address, belittled the new president's initial priorities — aimed at combating the deadly virus and spurring the economy — as wasteful expansions of big government. 

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Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy tweeted Wednesday night, "This whole thing could have just been an email."

"Best thing about this speech is that it’s over," GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert tweeted just after Biden finished his speech.

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