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Sheriff joins peaceful protest in Flint, Michigan

Sheriff Chris Swanson said during the march there was no damage and no arrests.

WASHINGTON — As demonstrators marched Saturday night in Flight Township in Michigan, Genessee Country Sheriff Chris Swanson joined the crowd to march with the demonstrators side-by-side. 

Hundreds were reportedly out marching, while carrying signs and chanting, during an evening which the sheriff said was peaceful with no reports of arrests. 

Sheriff Swanson spoke to reporters saying, "We can't forget, on all our police cars across the nation, it says, protect and serve. That means all people, that means all people, share the same dignity."

The demonstrators moved by foot and in their vehicles through Flint's business district Saturday night, where according to Swanson there were no reports of damage caused by protesters. 

Sheriff Swanson told reporters, "that's the magic we saw tonight, and we marched, not one ounce of damage, nobody's arrested, nobody got hurt, this is the way it's supposed to be."

Other demonstrators cheered behind Swanson as he spoke to the media. During the protests, which were said to have lasted several hours that night, the crowd marched to police headquarters where they talked to police and bumped fists, CNN reported

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