Ever wonder if people actually like the gifts you give? Of course, it's the thought that counts, but it's always nice to give gifts that people truly appreciate.

The Journal of Experimental Psychology published findings that outline what types of gifts will keep you on the nice list-- and the ones that might be as good as coal.

Their gift-giving don'ts include:

  • Splurging on something flashy-- studies show there's no correlation between price and satisfaction
  • Dressing up a bad gift-- that only makes it worse, since the receiver will have higher expectations
  • Giving a gift to charity on their behalf-- it's kind of terrible, but it makes people feel slighted.

The Do's include:

  • Giving people what they ask for
  • Giving gift cards-- it may feel lazy, but studies show people actually really appreciate gift cards and cash
  • Giving gifts that will last-- not perishable items like food or baked goods.