NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- On October 12, 2000, the USS Cole (DDG 67) was attacked by members of al-Qaeda in Yemen.

Seventeen years later, the US Navy held a remembrance ceremony in Norfolk, honoring the sailors who died on board the guided-missile destroyer.

Friends, family, and service members gathered at Naval Station Norfolk on Thursday morning, where they paused to remember our fallen service members.

Mona Gunn said, "When you come back here and people still remember. To hear their names again and that formal crew are current crew no matter who is on that ship, they remember. It means so much."

The attack happened when a group of terrorists used a small vessel posing as a trash barge to close in on the Cole, before detonating an explosive device.

The blast tore a massive hole in the side of the ship, and for 96 hours the crew fought to keep the ship from sinking.

Seventeen sailors were killed while another 37 were hurt.

The destroyer recently returned from a deployment to the Middle East. It marks only the second time the ship had been deployed in that area since the attack.