For the first time ever, the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections utilized their new electronic poll books to check in voters during Tuesday's Election. 

The roll-out comes after two years of testing and the training of thousands of poll workers who used the devices at 76 locations where 205 precincts voted.

According to Pat McDonald, the Director of the Board of Elections, Tuesday's roll-out was a smooth one. “The majority of voters enjoyed a more streamlined and expedited process of checking-in and receiving their ballot as there was no need to look-up their names in a large paper poll book."

In addition to a faster check-in process, the new e-poll books also function as a tool to get voters to their correct polling locations when they turn up at the wrong place to vote or are not sure where to cast a ballot. The e-poll books provide the names, address and directions to their correct location.  This may be printed out or sent to them via text message or e-mail. 

"Our poll workers and the voting public have given us some very positive feedback and we are looking forward to expanding their use in the even larger September 12th Municipal Primary Election and the countywide November 7th General Election,” adds McDonald.