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'An issue every woman can relate to:' The internet reacts to Kamala Harris' debate performance

Thousands of people, including 3News' Russ Mitchell, took to Twitter to discuss the 'thin line' Harris had to walk to avoid racist & sexist stereotypes.

CLEVELAND — Around the country, women reacted strongly to one of Sen. Kamala Harris' statements during the Oct. 7 vice presidential debate. 

"Mr. Vice President, I'm speaking," Harris said after Vice President Mike Pence attempted to interrupt her. 

The statement is one that women everywhere seem to know something about. Social media erupted on Wednesday night and many have yet to stop applauding Harris' words. 

And while many are sharing their own experiences and feelings regarding the statement from the California Senator, some have honed in on her words calling them "rude" or "disrespectful."

Harris' debate performance even prompted a Washington Post story diving into the women in politics and the history associated with calling women "unlikable."

3News's Russ Mitchell spoke on the issue that Senator Harris-- along with millions of other Black Americans-- face every day. 

"Politics aside, Harris has to thread a needle that every Black American understands: Pence can go over time, interrupt & be disrespectful to the moderator & come off one way," 3News anchor and managing editor Russ Mitchell wrote on Twitter during the debate. "Harris has to use finesse, competence & style to not look like the 'angry Black women' to some Americans." 

Credit: @RussWKYC
3News anchor Russ Mitchell comments on Vice Presidential candidate, Senator Kamala Harris

Mitchell's tweet received both praise and hostility, including a response from former Ohio U.S. Rep. Bob McEwen. 

"The reason Republicans have always fought against you Dems with your affection for slavery, KKK and Jim Crow is because your racism is a disease that makes it impossible to think straight," McEwan wrote.

Mitchell, long admired for his integrity and professionalism, took issue with the former GOP congressman's incendiary remarks.

"Congressman, I can assure you that I don’t have an 'affection' for any of those things," Mitchell told McEwan. "I’m sure my ancestors, who suffered because of them, would agree. I respectfully ask that you read my tweet again & maybe understand & appreciate why my perspective is different than yours."

Despite backlash, the "What Matters Most" and "What's Next" anchor's original sentiment was widely lauded on social media by people of color and others, with many tweeting similar statements about Harris' attempt to avoid becoming a stereotype. 

"When I think about how many minefields Senator Harris has to avoid -- traps set only for women, and particularly women of color, in debate-- I realize that Harris' performance tonight was truly masterful," columnist Seth Abramson wrote.

"Scandal" actor and activist Kerry Washington also discussed Senator Harris' attempt to walk a thin line throughout the debate. Washington tweeted at CNN anchor Dana Bash on Wednesday night after Bash mentioned the mental gymnastics that Senator Harris was going through during the debate. 

"There's not a chance in the world @KamalaHarris wasn't thinking about this," Washington wrote on Twitter. "We don't ever NOT think about it. Her super power?! Making it look easy." 

The statements weren't just celebrated by people of color; many women from all walks of life shared their own thoughts and feelings when it came to Harris' debate performance. 

With emotions running higher than ever, it is sure to be an election for the ages. 

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