Eight years after defeating Richard Cordray in the state Attorney General race, Mike DeWine has also won the rematch.

DeWine was elected as Ohio’s next governor after polls leading up to Tuesday’s midterms indicated a close race.

DeWine also had the endorsement of President Donald Trump, who was in Cleveland just yesterday to campaign for Ohio Republicans including DeWine, Jim Renacci, Anthony Gonzalez and others.

DeWine has campaigned neither as the Trump candidate nor as the anti-Trump candidate. DeWine often jokes that he's the only thing Trump and GOP Gov. John Kasich, a frequent critic of the president, can agree on.

Both candidates hit hard on health care while campaigning. DeWine, on defense for attacks over health care, ran ads in the final days before the election saying he’s supported pre-existing condition coverage while Cordray has never voted to support them.

DeWine was also one of many GOP candidates to take advantage of the recent dip in unemployment. In October, Ohio’s unemployment rate was 4.6 percent, and the state, for the first time in 66 months, gained jobs at a higher rate than the nation over the previous 12 months.

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