Ohio voters are hitting the polls Tuesday in a primary election that has the nation watching.

Polls opened at 6:30 a.m. and will close at 7:30 p.m.

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In the presidential race, the Democrats are battling for 160 delegates, while the Republicans fight for 66 delegates.

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RESULTS | Ohio 2016 primary election

When it comes to leading Ohio, here are the results of the latest NBC News / Wall Street Journal / Marist poll:


- Kasich: 39 percent

- Trump: 33 percent

- Cruz: 19 percent

- Rubio: 6 percent


- Clinton: 58 percent

- Sanders: 38 percent

This lead by Kasich could help nudge the Republicans into a contested convention as a result of no candidates earning enough delegates to nab the nomination.

“If he wins his home state of Ohio on Tuesday, he has a rationale to keep his campaign going," NBC's Chuck Todd says. "Lose, and he’s done. He has said it himself. The good news for him is our recent poll does show him with a narrow, though, significant six-point lead over Donald Trump. If that holds, that’s a big win for Kasich. He would get all of the delegates because Ohio is winner-take-all. It would give him a rationale to move on. In a three-way race it probably means we’re headed for a contested convention. So, Ohio, it’s in your hands on whether Cleveland becomes a floor fight.”

There are a slew of other issues / races on the ballot, including one in which Cuyahoga County voters will decide whether or not to re-elect Prosecutor Tim McGinty, who is up against Michael O’Malley.

The other states holding their elections Tuesday are Florida, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina.

The nationwide general election will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 8.