The kickoff party to the Republican National Convention was a huge success Sunday night.

'Rock the Night in Cleveland' set the rhythm for the week.

It was a welcome party for 10,000+ people, some of them delegates and others politicians and donors.

North Coast Harbor was a scenic venue for such an event. Visitors experienced some of the city's most popular attractions like the Great Lakes Science Center and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

With a breeze off the lake, Voinovich Park provided a beautiful backdrop.

"I've had a great time so far and got no worries. Just glad to spend some time here in Cleveland," said Ethan Simcox from the Indiana Delegation.

"This is a really great venue you guys have here. I knew about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but I didn't really know about the other stuff that was here. So it's kind of cool," said Missouri Delegate Chris Howard.

People rocked out to Three Dog Night, the headliner on the main stage. The city displayed its world-renowned food scene. There were items from 50 local chefs plus breweries and food trucks.

A somewhat surprising evening for visitors with certain preconceptions about Cleveland.

"Hey! I forts be honest, I really like it. A lot nicer than I thought. It's very modern looking and it's very clean. Those are the two things I've noticed about Cleveland," said Tom Paolino, in town with his father, a Rhode Island Delegate.

Fireworks over the lake capped off a picture perfect evening.