Last week WKYC showed you the scene in San Jose, California when anti-Trump protesters clashed with the Trump supporters in the streets.

Punches were thrown as mobs of angry demonstrators challenged anybody with an opposing view.

There was similar drama in April when several thousand anti-Trump protesters tried to prevent the Republican candidate from getting into the California Convention Center.

We could see much more of the same emotions unleashed here in Cleveland when the Republican National Convention begins on July 18.

According to the most recent applications filed with the City of Cleveland:

The America First Unity rally is supposed to draw 5,000 people.

The Trump March RNC is slated to have 500 people.

The Bikers for Trump claim they will have between 100 and 500,000 bikers on the streets of Cleveland to support the Republican nominee

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the political spectrum, the Stand Together Against Trump protest plans to have at least 10,000 people in the city.

And the group called the Coalition To Stop Trump says it will have 1,000 people.

Add to the mix of political protesters, the hate group from the Westboro Baptist Church, which has filed plans to preach downtown.

There will also be demonstrations against racism, poverty, violence against women and the anti-nuclear weapons group called Global Zero.

However, it remains to be seen just how many anarchists are going to show up in Cleveland.

Groups like Black Bloc and Anonymous don’t file for city permits. Anarchists took over downtown streets last month in Seattle causing property damage and injuring police officers during the May Day protests.

Here is the complete list of groups that have filed with the City of Cleveland as of June 9:

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (1,000)

America First Unity Rally (5,000)

Andrew Purchin Projects (50)

Benediction (1)

Bikers for Trump (100-500,000)

Black on Black (25)

Bring back Ohio (?)

Cleveland Baptist Church (15)

Coalition to Stop Trump (1,000)

Code Pink (20)

Community Unity (20)

Created Equal (30)

End Corporate Rule (100)

End Poverty Now March for Economic Justice (5,000)

Food Not Bombs (110)

Gaye Lub (6)

Global Zero (200)

Imperial Women Coalition (50)

League of Women Voters (3)

Million Women March (10)

The One Campaign (400)

Organize Ohio (5,000)

Peoples Fightback Center/March Against Racism (500)

Peace In The Hood (20)

Peace In The Park (17)

Peter Nappier (3)

Revolution Books (5)

Stand Together Against Trump (10,000)

Trump March RNC (500)

Victory for the Valley (4)

Westboro Baptist Church (5)

Women for Peace (30)