Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown visited the Southern Border in El-Paso, TX on Sunday amid nationwide raids to deport at least 2,000 undocumented immigrants.

Sen. Brown toured a shelter for refugees, the El-Paso Port of Entry and also spoke to immigration advocates.

He described the situation at the border a “humanitarian crisis”.

“There’s pain everywhere and I surely saw it today,” he said.

Sen. Brown was also critical of President of Donald Trump and his administration’s response to illegal immigrants in the country.

“Any policy that separates children from families violate who we are as a country,” he said. “He promised it would be criminals, people who committed violent crimes. He seems to have forgotten that policy.”

The democratic senator’s visit comes on the same day immigration authorities began in an operation to target about 2,000 undocumented ordered by courts to be removed from the country. The raids focused on recent arrivals to the country in cities such as Atlanta, New York and Chicago.

President Trump said he does not plan to separate families, where he drew criticism from democrats as well as for reported conditions of overcrowding at ICE facilities.