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Jayland Walker shooting: Here's what newly released Akron police bodycam video reveals

At least two Akron police officers muted and turned off their cameras after Walker was shot on June 27.

AKRON, Ohio — Additional bodycam video of the shooting death of Jayland Walker has been made available to 3News from the Akron Police Department. 

The video shows more of the time period leading up to and following the moment Walker was shot dozens of times by eight officers after a police chase on June 27.

The names of the eight officers still have not been released, but in the video from "Officer 5," we are able to see what looks like a taser in his right hand during the chase. Akron police stated that two officers had tried, but failed to deploy tasers before the shooting.

After the shooting, there were numerous calls by one of the officers to "cease fire." A female officer is heard saying, "He's (Walker) still moving." The movement prompts another officer to shout to Walker, "Don't (expletive) reach for nothing."

An officer is heard shouting instructions to the rest of the police force to "link up" and then asks if everyone else is all right. "Are we good?," he asks. There is concern expressed about crossfire. One officer can be heard saying, "Go blue," before the group begins to turn off the microphones on their body cameras. The audio is muted for approximately 18 seconds as officers surround Walker. 

While rolling him over to apply handcuffs, officers also begin the process of giving medical assistance to Walker. "Do you need a tourniquet?" asks one officer to another. Another reminds to group to put gloves on. 

"Everyone make sure you're good," advises one of the officers to the rest of those on scene. "Take a deep breath." 

As they are walking away from the scene, a male officer instructs a female officer who took part in the shooting to turn off her camera. She asks, "Off or blue?" to which he says, "Off."

Looking at the footage from all eight officers, 3News' Emma Henderson only saw one whose audio turned on after they had already started chasing Walker outside their vehicles. That same officer was the one clearly told to turn their camera off when walking away from the scene.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Walker family attorney Bobby DiCello wondered why the additional footage had not been released when bodycam video of the shooting itself was released just days after the incident. He also wondered what the officers might have done or said when they could not been seen or heard.

"We call them heroes, don't we?" DiCello said of police. "What is heroic about turning off your camera Superman? What is heroic about turning off your microphone Wonder Woman?"

According to a 2019 city policy on body cameras, Akron police officers are permitted to turn off the record mode and enter back into buffering mode (which records video only) under certain situations. That includes when the citizen contact has concluded, when the call has concluded, and when ordered to do so by a supervisor, among other instances. 

Last year, Akron City Council passed a law requiring police to post use-of-force footage within seven days of the incident with at least three camera angles (assuming multiple devices captured the events). All other footage is required to be released within 30 days.

Per department policy, all eight officers involved have been placed on administrative leave pending the results of an investigation by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation. The Walker family has also asked the U.S. Department of Justice to look into the matter.

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