They pledge to work hard all year at school.

So, on Tuesday Lebron James Family Foundation kids and their families, more than 7,000, had full run of Cedar Point as a big ol' THANK YOU from The King.

It was his extended family reunion. And the family is growing.

1,200 Lebron James Family Foundation kids strong now.

They are Akron kids with their sights set on college and a support system to see them through.

But at Cedar Point, it was time to play.

This year, the LJFF brought in big star power, a bonafide concert for kids destined for college.

Usher took the stage and sang as did Jordin Sparks. Cavs fan favorite J.R. Smith even made a surprise appearance.

All of them there for the sunshiny faces with a bright future...faces of the Lebron James Family Foundation who have pledged to stay on track to ..and through college.

10-year-old Foundation kid Gavin Messner, who wants to "be a cop when I grow up", knows what he has promised Lebron he'll do. "To do good in school, get a scholarship, get good grades"

So the annual Family Reunion is LeBron's way of saying THANK YOU!

"This is the biggest day of the year for me. To be with all my 12 hundred kids," LeBron said from the stage alongside his own 3 children.

Foundation kids peppered the park all day wearing T-shirts that boasted "We Are Family".

"That means we're supposed to stick together and try our best," explained 8-year-old Keisha Melton.

It's the good stuff from the mouths of babes about 'The Kid From Akron.'

"He makes me feel like family," says 12-year-old Carlotta Guzman.

"It's nice to have a big family," says 9-year-old Min Yaeay.

"Thank you for all you did for us," adds Melton.

Happy kids. Grateful parents and grandparents.

"It means a lot. He gives what some of us can't give our kids, says Christie Balthis, Gavin Messner's mom.

James Mae came with his grandson and couldn't agree more saying, "I just want to say thank God for Lebron and what he brings back to this community. Taking them off the streets and doing something for them."

The Lebron James Family Foundation is full speed ahead.

The IPromise institute is being prepared at the University of Akron to be ready for LeBron's first class when they arrive on campus in 2021.

What a legacy from the kid from Akron.