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‘Some of my best accomplishments was the times that I failed’ | LeBron James explains his mindset when dealing with pressure and obstacles in life

The NBA All-Star sat down for an exclusive interview with WKYC's Amani Abraham ahead of the the unveiling of new amenities at the IPROMISE School in Akron

AKRON, Ohio — On Wednesday, LeBron James returned to his hometown of Akron for the unveiling of new amenities at the IPROMISE School, including a new media center designed in collaboration with WKYC and Kaulig Companies. Going into its second year; the school continues to serve as resource for the staff, students and community members in Akron.

In an exclusive interview with WKYC’s Amani Abraham, LeBron James discussed a wide array of topics including how the four-time NBA MVP handles life’s pressure and obstacles.

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In 2003, James was selected as the number one pick in the NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers at just 18 years old. Between his talent and joining the team closest to his hometown, James' stardom seemed instantaneous. With so much success at an early age, James simultaneously felt fame as well as growing pains. But it's those moments that helped to prepare him for future obstacles and his current level of success.

“I’ve been put in pressure situations for such a long time now that I know that when I face them I know how to react to them, I know how to approach them,” says James.

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James continued by saying that it’s in times of weakness and adversity that you acquire the most valuable lessons.  

“I think the best teacher in life is experience. And for you to go through things and to fail and not let failure stop you. Some of my best accomplishments was the times that I failed because I knew that I had to either get better.I knew I had, I wasn’t going to stop." says James

With the momentum that the IPROMISE School is experiencing, the anticipation surrounding the release of 'Space Jam 2' , the growth and advancement of his media company, and not to mention he's entering his 17th NBA season; LeBron James is showing no signs of slowing down.

"I just don’t believe the man above ever gives you anything that you can’t handle. It might be tough, it might be hard but he’s never going to give you too much that you can’t handle," says James. 

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