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Gas prices on the rise across the country; Ohio gets hit hard

The average cost per gallon in Ohio is 30 cents higher than this time last year, and it's not over.

Prices at the pump are on the rise again, hitting their highest level in three years. And Ohio is tops when it comes to price increases.

The average cost per gallon is 30 cents higher than this time last year, and it’s not over.

Remember the good ole' days when gas dropped below a dollar in some places? Well those days are just a rearview mirror memory.

After hitting a low in early 2016, gas prices are now at their highest in years. The national average is $2.76 a gallon.

The West Coast is paying the most at an average of $3.58, up to $4.00 in some parts.

The cheapest is in Missouri at $2.45.

Ohio is in the middle, averaging $2.67. Northeast Ohio has both the lowest prices in the state at $2.40 in Cleveland, and the highest at $3.29 in Cleveland Heights.

But some drivers don't seem to care.

We came across two college students paying the $3.29, who said they chose that station for convenience.

When we asked another driver why she was stopping there, she told us she was just filling up $5 worth, enough to get home.

Ohio has seen the second biggest increase this past week, up 10 cents as of Monday.

So what's behind it?

The situation with China, trade tensions, the situation in Syria. All of these geopolitical events do add to what we pay at the pump,” explained Patrick DeHaan of Gasbuddy.com

Add in OPEC production cuts, just as we head into travel season, and refineries switching to costlier "summer gas" blends and it adds up fast.

Ten years ago, the national average hit $4.11, which is unlikely this year. But the government predicts gas will cost the average household nearly $200 more than last year.

"If it goes up to $10 dollars a gallon, I guess we'll be back on the bike,” said one driver.

Now if cost is more important than convenience, the GasBuddy app will show you the cheapest gas in your area.

You can sign up for gas station loyalty programs.

And then there's Giant Eagle's Fuel Perks program, which is like getting gas for free.