EUCLID, Ohio -- Video sent to WKYC Wednesday morning shows a school bus stuck underneath a railroad crossing gate as a train speeds by.

The woman who recorded the footage tells WKYC there were students on board the bus, which she spotted stuck under the gate on Chardon Road around 8:20 a.m.

“The bus looked like it was going to try and get past the tracks,” she messaged us on Facebook.

She says she reported the incident to the board of education, too.

Though that is what happened, further investigation reveals that the video doesn't tell the full story.

WKYC reached out to the school district, which says it sent an investigator to the tracks to examine the area. The investigator took measurements and determined that the bus driver was following Ohio revised code, which mandates school bus drivers to drive forward past the stop bar in order to see down the tracks in both directions.

When the driver pulled the bus forward, the stop bars came down.

The school district also says it has reached out to Norfolk Southern to determine why the stop gate is so far from the tracks.

Please note: There is no audio with the footage because the woman who submitted the footage asked us to remove her voice.