See something, say something, or in this case, do something.

When something didn't seem right - two Elyria street workers, Matt Pearce and Nick Vealey did, just that.

It was at the Speedway on Lorain Blvd Wednesday afternoon when Pearce and Vealey probably saved the lives of five children traveling in the back of a U-haul box van.

Pearce stopped the driver from leaving, and made him open the back the van.

In the meantime,Vealey went to get help.

Pearce said the conditions inside the van were deplorable and no child should have to endure that.

The children were reportedly sweating from the heat in the back of the truck and had bed bugs, lice, and fleas on them.

The youngest of the children, a two-year-old , was taken to Rainbow's Babies and Children for heat exhaustion.

The rest were taking into custody by Cuyahoga County Children's services and later placed in foster care.

25-year-old Jamie Adkins and 55-year-old Brian Dekam were both arrested in connection with the incident.

The pair appeared in court Thursday facing multiple counts of child endangering. Their bond was set at $13,000 for Adkins, and $14,000 for Dekam.

Both have been released and are scheduled to be arraigned next Thursday, August 10, at 2 p.m.

The children's biological mother could also face charges.