Cleveland's Flats East Bank is an unmistakable part of this city on the rise.

But out of the new normal for the flats, three people were shot there early Sunday morning.

Two of them, at least, very well may be alive because of new training that all Cleveland police officers now have.

Police got the call around 2 a.m.

20-year-old Devin Allen, Michei Jones, and 19-year-old Jordan Meade were each shot multiple times

It happened just down from the Odeon night club, reopened for the night for a hip hop party.

Alissa Brumbaugh lives in a loft overlooking The Flats. Her roommate was awake when it all went down.

"There were like six gunshots and people were yelling for help," said Brumbaugh.

Three Cleveland police officers first on the scene may have saved Allen and Jones' lives.

"Two young men from last night owe their lives to those police officers. That's what the ER docs told us," said Steve Loomis, president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association.

As of Friday, every officer in Cleveland has gone through a one-day course put together by Emergency Room trauma surgeons to learn how to use new first aid kits that include Tourniquets and a product called QuikClot.

"Keeping them from bleeding out on the scene, and that's a direct result of the recent training we've had and the medical kits that are in the cars now," said Loomis. He adds that he knows of at least five people's lives saved this way in the last six months.

"We're always just about always the first ones there. Now we have the basic skills we need to save people who are hurt and to save ourselves, you know, when we get hurt," said Loomis.

Allen and Jones are still in critical condition. Meade was discharged from the emergency room

The suspect who opened fire is still out there.

According to Cleveland police, he is a "young, black male, possibly with dreadlocks, who drove off in an older model vehicle".