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VERIFY: Fake video claimed to be from Mars Perseverance rover goes viral

While NASA did land Perseverance on Mars, many on the internet are unintentionally sharing a false video.

Following the landing of the Perseverance rover on Mars Thursday, many started sharing a video that claimed to show the first video and sound from the rover. But is it really from Perseverance?


Did the rover Perseverance really take a viral video showing a reddish, sweeping vista of Mars accompanied by the sound of relentless wind?


No, the 26-second video is not from Perseverance, NASA says.


The video, posted on Twitter viewed at least 3 million times, is described as from Perseverance. 

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The video is definitely not from Perseverance, a NASA spokeswoman told VERIFY on Feb. 19. 

As of about noon Feb. 19, NASA had released only three images, all stills, of Perseverance at @NASAPersevere on Twitter. Although Perseverance videos will include sound, NASA is still downloading and processing sound sent back from the rover, the spokeswoman said.

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