MACON, Ga. — If you're not a morning person, you may go back and forth hitting the snooze button for more sleep time, but are those extra alarms more harmful than helpful? 

We set out to Verify. Our sources are the Coliseum Medical Center Psychiatry resident Tallan DePriest, who helps diagnosis sleeping disorders, and an article from the American Heart Association. 

The blaring alarm means it's time to get up, but hitting the snooze button spares a few extra minutes of sleep.

"If I hit the snooze button, I'll keep hitting the snooze, or sometimes I'll forget, and I've experienced times where I didn't hit the snooze button and I hit the off button," says Nicholas Dillard. 

Are multiple alarms bad for you?

According to Coliseum Medical Center Psychiatry resident Tallan DePriest, the extra minutes don't hurt.

"Sleeping another five minutes after you hit snooze isn't going to be beneficial, but at the same time, it's not going to be negligent. It won't do you any harm per se," says DePriest. 

It won't physically hurt you, but the American Heart Association says you will feel groggier waking up for a third or second time. 

Getting a solid seven to nine hours of sleep helps get rid of the snooze button temptations. 

"The easiest way to get up is going to bed right the morning before. Nothing's going to save you if you're not getting enough sleep to begin with," says DePriest. 

DePriest recommends sticking with a set routine and staying consistent.

"There's no reason to break up whatever works for them. If hitting the snooze twice is the magic number for you and you just pop right up after that and can't do it after one -- you can't just do it after waking up the initial time -- then whatever works for you," says DePriest. 

Regardless, that alarm, "It makes you just feel, 'Ugh, I have to get up again,' the alarm -- yeah, it makes it worse," says Dillard. 

The American Heart Association says you can also use sunlight as an alarm.

They say morning light can help you wake up more naturally and quickly.

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