CLEVELAND — Dustin Cover posted a picture to Facebook asking the question: "Have any of you ever seen a temp tag without any info?"

Turns out, a lot of people have been seeing more of them lately. But it’s not supposed to be that way. We went to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to find out if it’s caused by user error, or if the temporary tags are flawed.

Lindsey Bohrer is the Assistant Communications Director for the Ohio BMV and helped point us in the right direction. She issued the following statement acknowledging the issue:

"The BMV is aware of the defective temporary tags (tags) that have been issued to consumers. We have identified the issue and it has since been addressed. The defective tag stock has been isolated to those tags that have been assigned to motor vehicle dealerships. The BMV has posted information regarding the defective stock on the dealer licensing website (, the DLR System (dealer database), and via a notice that is being put in each tag order that is shipped out. 

"We are scheduled to receive new stock late next week. Dealers will be reimbursed for the tags that they have had to replace."

So, what do you do if you’re one of those who lost the numbers on their tag?

The best thing you can do is head back to the dealership. They will get you a new tag free of charge. If you go to the BMV for a replacement, there is a $18.50 fee. Tags at the BMV are not defective.

If you do have a temporary tag and are waiting for the new stock without defects, you should place your current temporary tag in the rear window of your car, making sure it is completely visible. Ohio Revised Code 4503.21(A)(3) makes it legal to do that.

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