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Verify: Who is responsible for falling highway debris?

Have you ever had something slam into your windshield from a truck hauling rocks or gravel?

So who's responsible when the trucking company says it is not.

WKYC' s Brandon Simmons set out Wednesday, to verify how it all works.

Brandon spoke with Andy Young of Young and McCarthy; he's an attorney that focuses on cases involving truck accidents.

Young says there is both and Ohio and Federal law that say the truck driver and the truck company are responsible for making sure their cargo is secure and tight on the truck.

That includes falling debris.

The law specifically states that no vehicle shall be driven on a highway unless the vehicle can prevent its load from dropping, shifting, leaking or otherwise escaping.

If this occurs, both the driver and the company are at fault.

Now the tricky part is proving the debris fell and damaged your car.

Without proof, it's likely the trucking company will say the debris was already on the road way and didn't fall from their truck.

But if you can prove through video or some other method that the debris fell from the truck and caused damage, you've got a case!

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Andy Young, Young and McCArthy


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