PARMA, Ohio — Giant Eagles has stopped issuing single-use plastic grocery bags at all of its Cuyahoga County locations, and plans to completely phase them out nationwide within a few years.

The move came in conjunction with the county's plastic bag ban, although it will not be fully enforced until July and several communities (including Cleveland) have opted out for the time being. The stores will instead charge 10 cents for each paper bag used, or sell reusable bags to customers that can help earn fuelperks if brought back in.

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Not everyone is happy with the new policy, though, with many people finding it either uncomfortable or unnecessary. Now, at least one county resident is putting a humorous twist on the situation.

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Christina GiGiovanni, of Parma, has decided to sell one of the old blue bags on Facebook Marketplace. The product is described as "vintage" and "gently used." The requested price? Merely $100.

Gently used vintage giant eagle bag

We're not sure if Christina well get what she's asking for (especially since dozens of these bags are likely in houses all across the region), but stranger things have certainly happened, right?