AKRON, Ohio — Just a few weeks after the Akron Zoo shared the heartbreaking news that one of its beloved river otters had died, the zoo has welcomed a new otter.

On Thursday, the zoo announced he arrival of Odie, a 24-pound river otter, who will join the zoo's other otter, Molly.

Odie the river otter, Akron Zoo
Akron Zoo

The zoo said Odie was raised by staff at the Texas State Aquarium after he was found abandoned as a pup in 2007. He later moved to the Columbus Zoo before finding his new home in Akron.

Odie and Molly will be introduced within upcoming weeks. Until then, they'll alternate days out in their habitat until they're familiar enough to be together daily.

Molly is smaller of the two, weighing just 13 1/2 pounds.