"He Did Nothing , He Didn't Even Help With Nothing," Alexis Manigo wrote on her public Facebook page Monday morning in response to an article posted by ABC NEWS.

The article, titled "Dad's Heartbreak: Girl He Raised as His Own Was Really Kidnapped as a Newborn," recounts Charles Manigo's versions of events regarding his "daughter."

Late last week, Alexis learned she was born Kamiyah Mobley, daughter of Craig Aiken and Shanara Mobley from Jacksonville. The teen just discovered last week that she was kidnapped from a Jacksonville hospital back in 1998. Her "momma" is her accused kidnapper.

Kamiyah's biological parents reunite with her after 18 years

Attaching an article from ABC News, Alexis wrote on her Facebook page saying her 'father' wasn't there for the most important parts of her life, including prom or moving to Georgia.

"Never Saw Him, He Like To Bring Up A 40 Dollar Check A Week ? That's Nothing but 160 Dollars. My Bundles Cost 290. DO THE MATH ? WHO WAS THERE , GLORIA WILLIAMS," she wrote.

Gloria Williams, 51, is in jail, charged with kidnapping for allegedly taking the young teen.

Manigo said that even though he may not be Alexis' biological father, he will always be there for her.

"She's still my child," he said. "I understand what's going on, but she's still my child," Manigo told ABC News.

Baby Kamiyah kidnapped hours after birth in Jacksonville, found alive 18 years later