YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio -A Youngstown State University student has started a petition on to remove a student convicted of rape from YSU's football team.

Ma'lik Richmond was convicted in the 2012 rape of a 16-year-old-girl in Steubenville.

Richmond enrolled at YSU as a student in 2016 and joined the football team in January of 2017.

The petition was started by Katelyn Davis, who said she doesn't feel that convicted rapists have earned a place on sports teams.

"I'm not saying that Richmond should be expelled; he does deserve a second chance at his education," Davis said. "I do hope that he is successful in life, but he should not be representing YSU as a football player."

The petition started around 11:30 am Saturday morning. It asked for 100 signatures.

As of 3:30 PM Sunday, the petition had 5,091 signatures and had raised its goal to 7,500 names.

According to the website, the petition will be sent to YSU President Jim Tressel and head football coach Bo Pellini.

"I did not expect this petition to take off in the way it did," Davis told 21 News. "I'm glad this petition is able to give a voice to the community."

The petition can be viewed here.