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Leon Bibb: Holiday lights offer a beacon of hope

The twinkling displays remind us we must focus on the light and what it represents.

CLEVELAND — In recent memory if ever there was a time we needed light, it is the time in which we now live. It has been a troubling year, one which began with so much fanfare. 

But that was when the year began and 2020 rolled off our tongues in celebration of new times. When the pandemic hit, we were walloped. 

So, in this same year, we look toward light and better times. Hoping, pleading, praying that the holiday lights we cherish may also signify the lights at the end of a long dark tunnel. 

That is our hope. 

In 1732, philosopher Alexander Pope said "Hope springs eternal," telling us human nature can find fresh cause for optimism.It still rings true, no matter the odds. 

 So, with the holiday season upon  us, we are washed in light. However we individually look upon them -- religiously, as part of seasonal celebration, or as both -- there is something which causes us to look forward and with optimism. So we look toward new times, hoping a new yeare brings the newness in our lives we want. 

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There is the old phrase, "there is light at the end of the tunnel." Yes, there are glimmers of hope in the distant. Small, at first, but as we get closer the light grows brighter. 

We hold on to the light for inspiration. 

Hope is for better times, but for better times means we must work toward them. 

All of us -- in our own ways. 

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We are on a worldwide journey to defeat a common foe. Realization must be that we are together, even though we physically separate from each other. 

Still, we must be together in hope and heart and spirit. The holidays remind us we must focus on the light and what it represents. 

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Editor's Note: The below story aired on November 23, 2020

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