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In troubled times we all stand together: Leon Bibb Commentary

Leon Bibb reflects on a week unlike any other and how we have all risen to the challenge

CLEVELAND — Our daily lives are drastically different since the COVID-19 hit Ohio.

Familiar routines halted indefinitely. But everywhere you look there are signs the human spirit endures and strengthens in times of trouble.

We are in uncharted territories trying to find the compass point to guide us to what can only be described as the "new norm."  

Coronavirus is "novel," which means it has never existed in people before. None of us is immune from its harm and there is no vaccine yet.  The disease is spreadable.

We are battling a tough enemy that can hit hard physically to those infected.  And also emotionally even to those not infected.  As it spreads, so too, does the fear which rides with it worldwide.  

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Still, there is the realization we are all in this together.   On this spinning planet, we must work together as a single unit with a single focus to push through this enemy and get to the other side of it.  No matter nationality, ethnic background, age, personal finances, politics – we must work together with experts leading us in charting a course to what appears to be new normalcy.

This worldwide pandemic plunges us from our normalcy.  But we have toughed out tough times before.  Other epidemics.  Wars on a global scale. Nine-eleven. Financial crashes.  All rocked us.   As for Coronavirus, we will find the way through it, but the route involves each one of us; our individual caring for the welfare of others as we care for ourselves.

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Although we separate physically in social distancing from each other, we still stand together as one –- United.  We are "ONE" with the realization we move about our lives under the same sky and all breathe in the same air. 

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