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Leon Bibb: A lone bagpiper's message for us all

A one-man concert inspiring us all to 'continue the fight'.

SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio — In these deeply reflective times, we look for comfort.  

There is a musician who gives comfort with his deeply reflective music. He pushes his breath into his instrument and his fingers find a melody. But also, something else is there as you shall see.   

As the world cries from the COVID-19 virus, the tune from a bagpiper cries a different tune. A prayer. 

A one-man concert tugs at heartstrings. Bagpiper David Land is in a band, but social distancing keeps bandsmen apart. So David Land rehearses alone. Still, his solo performance draws an audience, even from a distance.  

Yes, COVID-19 keeps us apart. But the music sails high and wide, connecting all hear it.   

A soothing sound lifting from a Shaker Heights parking lot. I get the idea David Land is in prayer, asking for worldwide comfort the virus is cruel. But listen closely. I get the feeling in this suffering time, Land is really quoting Scriptures. That part about making "a joyful noise" in praise and prayer.  

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In ancient times, Scottish Highlanders used the bagpipe's whine to signal other battlefield warriors. The pipes sang prayerful inspiration to continue the fight.  

A story we need today. Prayerful sounds caught in the breeze. A pipers' tune, encouraging us to continue standing apart in social distance while at the same time encouraging us to stand united; a single force fighting a common enemy.  

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From Shaker Heights, David Land's bagpipe call rides the wind, falling on distant ears its notes of inspiration.  

Credit: wkyc

But in the same air are television signals pulsing with pictures and sounds which reach beyond the wind and tug at our emotions. The story of a single piper sending inspirations imploring us to continue the fight right now, and where we are.