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Leon Bibb Commentary | Public Square holiday lights spark memories

The beautiful Christmas lights display at Public Square takes Leon back to his childhood

'Tis the season which gets to me and touches deeply my heart deeply. Maybe yours, too.  

What I enjoy during this time of the year are the lights. They twinkle and flash their brilliance. In Cleveland's Public Square, you need only to stop for a while and savor what the lights give.   

Even on a cold day, the lights warm me. I think lights all aglow get to most of us. When added are the other holiday displays, I am in my world and good thoughts swell over me.   

I grew up in Cleveland, so I have long ago childhood footprints through Public Square, if you know what I mean. My family members were mostly downtown department store shoppers before the big stores decided there were greener pastures farther out.  

What I remember fondly during my childhood downtown Cleveland shopping days with Mom and Dad were the lights and all the displays which announced it was the Christmas season.

But I'll tell you, some things don't change.  

What was good back then in my childhood, is still good today. There is a comforting feeling in knowing that.  

So the next time, you are out, take a drive through Public Square.  Or wherever you are, if there are holiday lights, feast your eyes on the festive lights.  

You will find a warmth in them.  

I hope you see the light as I do.    

Be merry, everyone.