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Leon Bibb | Dear Mom: Heartfelt words from a thankful child

Whether it's a card, gift, hug or a call, there are many ways to show Mom how much you love her.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — There is something special about mothers.  

No matter when it was, each one of us entered life from mother’s body and then was placed on her belly. It was there we took our first looks around and drew our first breaths.   

Mom was the first thing we saw in this new world we have entered.

My mother passed on a few years ago. Yet memories of her remain strong. Mother brought me along, loved me, nurtured me, scolded me: “Leon Douglas Bibb, sit down!” And, yes, disciplined me.  

But also celebrated me. 

During this Mother’s Day period, the old family photograph album where I find images of Georgia Louise Crowell Bibb becomes more precious as the years roll by. Images of Mother throughout all the years of her life. 

Just before she passed on, she and I held hands and sang spiritual songs she taught me. Well, I sang. Mother was too weak to sing during those last days of her life. But her eyes sang. 

I know not everyone has as tender memories of their mothers as I have. But I will bet there is a woman who played a key role in your life. Mother of your own children, a grandmother, mother-in-law, aunt, friend, neighbor, teacher. Maybe even an older sister.

If she is still living during this Mother’s Day period, visit, make a call, send a card. If she is gone, think of her. On Mother’s Day, I will celebrate my mom’s life and all she taught me. Like how to spell my name. Mom showed me all the letters of the alphabet even before I went to kindergarten. 

She celebrated my accomplishments and my life. Through all the schools. My working life. My family. Mother was there supporting. Even when I was in the war in Vietnam, her caring tears were on the letters she wrote. The old family photograph album helps me remember, although the real pictures are in my own memory.   

This Mother’s Day, I will put flowers on her grave, although I know she is not really there. She is where good mothers go. My mother is right here in my heart – the one she gave me by birthing me and giving her heartfelt love to me.

So, allow me to send this TV greeting card to my mother. And to yours. And to the people who played roles of mother in your life in whatever fashion they played it. Heartfelt words coming from a thankful child.    

“To Mother. Happy Mother’s Day. Love, Leon”

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