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Leon Bibb: Little blessings become big things

We are physically separated, but must stand together as one to defeat this unseen enemy

CLEVELAND — We are all living nervously because this COVID-19 crisis has rocked us. I suppose in a way we are holding our breaths, hoping to inhale again with mental comfort. As I work mostly from inside my home there, I’ve begun to take more notice of the little things outside, which are really big things.

Spring officially started a few days ago. In Northeast Ohio, we generally celebrate because spring signals renewal; rebirth. We all need a renewal – something to hold on to.

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This COVID-19 crisis has rocked our world. We now keep physical distance from each other. Still, I get outside for walks. The walks help my mind and body. Others are walking, too. Even people I don’t know I give a wave --- mindful, of course, of social distancing. They wave back. We are both aware of the nervousness which peppers all of us.    

But all around us are small things which are seasonal signals of change. Perhaps we have taken them for granted, but now they stand out. At least to me, they do. Little blessings of spring are really big blessings. I keep that in mind in our battle for life as we hope it to be again.   

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The medical people, scientists, government people working on our behalf, and the workers who keep open necessary supply lines are all troops in this world war against an enemy unseen with the naked eye.  But each one of us has a duty to follow scientific and medical guidelines in this crisis of war.   

Yes, we are physically separated from each other on this battlefront. Yet we must stand together as soldiers of a kind in helping chart the course to victory. 

In the meantime, some of us work from home. Others don’t work their jobs at all. But spring is working. I mentally build on that. Spring’s renewal reminds me to be eternally hopeful for the future. Every day, I look for more signs of spring’s rebirth. The signs come slowly. But they do come.    

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