The times are peaceful now at Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine in Cleveland.

Here on the far east side of the city, many Catholic faithful will come where an order of nuns live in peace.

That peace was shattered on September 11, 2001.

The day of the terrorist attack on America, these two nuns witnessed horror when they saw the moment that the scheduled cross-country United Flight 93 went horribly off-schedule. It was precisely that time over their heads that hijackers had commandeered the plane.

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Documents verify from the ground the nuns witnessed the seizing of the jetliner which later crashed in Pennsylvania. Terrorism was within sight of Cleveland's Lady of Lourdes Shrine.

"You could actually read the numbers on the tail of the plane. When you looked up, it went up and down. It was erratic," recalls Sister Phyllis Ann.

Sister Rochelle adds, "We figured out the timeline. It was probably about the time they were trying to get the pilot."

From television news coverage, the nuns knew terrorists had seized control from the pilots of three planes which hijackers crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

But between Cleveland and the Shanksville, Pennsylvania crash site, heroic passengers would wrestle with hijackers, crashing the plane into the ground instead of what is thought to be the terrorists' intended target -- the U.S. Capitol.

"Those people saved an awful lot of lives including ours because at that point, that plane could have come down right on us," says Sister Rochelle.

It was on this hallowed ground the sisters saw Flight 93 make that erratic turn toward its eventual crash site in Pennsylvania. Since then, the sisters have gone to Shanksville to pray at the memorial.

Hallowed ground here. Hallowed ground there.

Of 9/11 stories, there are many. These Cleveland nuns tell two. A worldwide horror story, yes. But also a local Cleveland story of terrorism which struck the eyes and emotions of two Cleveland women of peace who were praying .... and looked up.

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Air traffic controllers following the movements of Flight 93 verify what the praying sisters Rochelle and Phyllis Ann saw was indeed the horrible and murderous seizing of the airliner by terrorists. That day, as they do today, and will do tomorrow, the women will send their prayers skyward...for peace.