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Leon Bibb: The symbol of the USS Cod on Veterans Day

The submarine USS Cod, once young and spry on its sea legs when it went to battle, is a World War II veteran.

CLEVELAND — There is often a common bond among U.S. military veterans regardless of whether they served in war or peace. This day honors them all.       

During this Veterans Day let us salute another kind of veteran. One which has been to war and back. The submarine USS Cod – once young and spry on its sea legs when it went to battle  – is a World War II veteran.  

In its maturity now, slower now but still standing, it is docked in Cleveland at Lake Erie and East 9th Street, still symbolizing this nation’s history of strength. 

As we honor men and women who wore the nation’s uniform, let’s pause also to remember this old warrior.  Volunteers who tend the old Cod understand its importance.  But they also pay tribute to the men who served aboard.   

"The Cod's mission to Cleveland is this where they honor veterans. they all rose to the occasion and served their country. and provided us the freedom and security that we enjoy today," said John Bradrick, a USS Cod volunteer. 

"We owe these veterans in this county a lot," fellow Cod volunteer Phil McCourt followed up.

Veterans Day, once known as Armistice Day commemorating the 1918 end of World War I, now acknowledges all American service members who served in either war or peace. 

Veterans numbers are dwindling as age takes it toll. We should hear their stories and offer a thanks for whenever they served. This old sea-going veteran of the 1940s which went to battle with more than ninety crew speaks a silent language now. But if you listen closely you can almost  hear sounds of its past. The same might be said of every person in the American arsenal, regardless of when and where --- past or present. Veterans Day.  

Something to think about.   

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