CLEVELAND — I genuinely enjoyed that gross victory on Sunday.

It’s not that I thought Sunday’s narrow win over the lowly Cincinnati Bengals was a good game or a quality football-watching experience in general, it’s just that I’m still so traumatized by 20 years of being a bad team that loses close games to other bad, but-not-quite-as-bad teams, that I still have a difficult time not appreciating even the ugliest of wins.

Yes, we’re underperforming.

Sure, our record should be better.

But I’ve simply invested too much time supporting this team through 4-12 and 3-13 seasons while deluding myself into thinking that Seneca Wallace passing to Greg Little might be the answer to our struggles, that I can allow myself to be overly-particular regarding the manner in which we tally up some wins.

I can’t even manage to get distracted by all the soap opera stuff going on in the organization right now.

OBJ might not want to be here? Well, that’s unfortunate. I don’t care.

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At one time or another we’ve all had jobs we’re not bananas about. That’s why it’s called “work.”

Tough it out, buckaroo.

Baker is hot and cold on the Browns’ training staff?

That’s too bad. Hope they’re able to figure all that out and make nice. But I honestly don’t care about that either.

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My football team won Sunday. And that’s what mattered to me.

Because when you’ve spent so much time being a really bad team that barely loses to mediocre teams, becoming the mediocre team that barely beats the really bad teams is truly a breath of fresh air.

Everything’s relative, folks. Go Browns.