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Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James: ESPN poll shows who fans think is better

Who do you prefer?
Credit: AP

LOS ANGELES — Who is better? Michael Jordan or LeBron James? ESPN is trying to settle that debate with a new poll.

The results favor Jordan as better than James in all 17 categories. ESPN said the poll, which included 600 people, was broken evenly into the following groups:

  • 18-34
  • 35 and older

“Jordan naturally led by almost 4-to-1 in the older half, but even in the younger group, Jordan was preferred by nearly 2-to-1," ESPN wrote.

Here are the top results of ESPN’s poll in order of the largest Jordan vs. James margin...

Better sneaker for fashion:

  • Jordan: 79 percent. 
  • James: 21 percent.

Better sneaker to ball in:

  • Jordan: 77 percent. 
  • James 23 percent.

Pick for game-winning shot:

  • Jordan: 76 percent. 
  • James: 24 percent.

Come through in the clutch:

  • Jordan: 74 percent. 
  • James: 26 percent.

Spectacular to watch play:

  • Jordan: 74 percent. 
  • James: 26 percent.

Better player overall:

  • Jordan: 73 percent.
  • James: 27 percent.

NBA was better all-around:

  • Jordan: 71 percent. 
  • James: 29 percent.

Win one-on-one to 21:

  • Jordan: 67 percent. 
  • James: 33 percent.

Top pick to start a team:

  • Jordan: 66 percent. 
  • James: 34 percent.

Best offensive player:

  • Jordan: 65 percent. 
  • James: 35 percent.

There are seven more Jordan vs. James categories -- including better look, better passer, positive impact off-court -- and Jordan won all of those, too. You can see those results by seeing ESPN's full poll HERE.

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