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Professor builds Lego replica of Ohio Stadium to raise money for research

Each person who donates will have their own seat inside the replica.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Over a span of four years, Dr. Paul Janssen of Ohio State's College of Medicine, spent his off hours taking tiny pieces of Lego bricks and assembling them into what would become Ohio Stadium. 

Janssen estimates it took a half-million pieces to build the structure, complete with a green football field, flags and Lego figurines that represent each person who offered a donation.

The Lego stadium fundraiser project started in 2017 at the Ross Heart Hospital and since then has raised $85,000 to help students pay for scientific research papers, attend national conferences and pay for expensive samples needed for cardiovascular research.

"Research papers can cost $250,000 per paper on average," Janssen said.

The stadium measures 8 feet by 6 feet and is on display inside the Ohio State University Library.

"I'm what's called, in Lego terms, a purist. I don't saw pieces off I don't paint pieces I just use the pieces you can buy in the store," Janssen said.

Donations start at $25. So far this year, the project has raised nearly $7,000.

To learn more about the project, click here.

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