Via a spokesman, University of Texas football coach Tom Herman told Austin American-Statesman reporter Brian Davis he wasn't the tipster that led to Brett McMurphy's report on Ohio State coach Urban Meyer that launched an investigation.

The school announced Aug. 1 that it had suspended Meyer to investigate whether he ignored domestic violence accusations regarding a former assistant coach.

"It is absolutely untrue. Neither I, nor anybody in my family, has ever communicated with Brett McMurphy about the situation at Ohio State,” Herman told Davis.

An initial Facebook post by Ohio State reporter Jeff Snook claimed Herman was the source for McMurphy.

"I have confirmed that Texas Coach Tom Herman was the tipster who initiated Brett McMurphy's reporting, which led to this investigation at Ohio State-details to follow," Snook posted to Facebook on Saturday.

McMurphy responded to those claims with a post to Twitter on Saturday:

“I have never revealed my sources in my nearly four decade journalistic career & I am not going to start now. However, I will say unequivocally that Tom Herman was not my source.”

Herman also spoke to Davis about Snook's claim that he and his wife, Michelle, helped pay Courtney Smith's legal bills:

"In March of 2017, my wife assisted her friend Courtney Smith during a time of financial need. We have not provided any financial assistance since then.”