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The Cleveland Browns are in an Ivy League of their own: Bud Shaw’s You Said It

Sports fans wonder about Andrew Berry’s corporate jargon, the Indians outfield possibilities and the Cavaliers growing pains.

CLEVELAND — “You Said It" is a reader participation column based on the premise that if you don't laugh about Cleveland sports you'll cry.

And that if you do laugh about Cleveland sports, you might still end up crying. But at least friends and family might occasionally like being around you. 


Bud: Some of what Andrew Berry said was so corporate retreat-sounding that it’s hard to imagine it resonating with a coaching staff. I mean he said he and Kevin Stefanski shared the same “culture and servant leadership.” Wasn’t there enough servant leadership in Berea when Kokinis was bowing to Mangini? — Tim, C-Town.

I’m hesitant to speak for Berry because I’m several thousand vocabulary words short. But he’s clearly saying he recognizes this is not a scalable operation as far as existing core competency goes and that it’s going to take some bleeding edge thinking to reach the next level in terms of empowerment.

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Bud: I saw Justin Verlander was near the top at Pebble Beach. Any chance he cheated? — Jay Shulman.

I understand the suspicion. But from what I saw he was careful not to anchor the transmitter to his body when he was rolling in those radio controlled putts.

Bud: Have you ever walked the red carpet? — Radu Marinescu, Glendale, AZ.

At the fanciest sportswriter award ceremonies they just roll out carpet protection tape over the shag. Or so I’m told.

Bud: How do you think the Brownies would do in the XFL? — Jim Walsh, Olmsted Falls.

Even coming off 6-10, they’d be clear favorites in every game. And never would it take them more than six plays to score from the 1.

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Hey Bud: With you being the publisher of You Said It and me being a frequent contributor would that make me and you “thought partners”? — Devin, Concord.

That’s what Andrew Berry called the dynamic he enjoys with Paul DePodesta. If You Said It has proven anything, I guess it’s that feeble minds think alike, too.

Bud: I read that the Indians will try Franmil Reyes in the outfield during spring training. How will his range in right compare to the Larry Doby statue? — Andy Haag, Canton.

About the same, with Reyes earning a slight edge since the Doby statue doesn’t have a glove.

Bud: What must Andre Drummond be thinking when the Cavs suffer the worst home loss in their history in his debut?  Can’t wait to sign up here for the long term? — Kevin.

The last time a new team member had less reason to stay positive, Andrew Bogut’s Cavs career lasted 56 seconds and one broken leg.

Bud: When G.M. Koby Altman mentions the youthful Cavaliers taking significant strides, is he referring to ‘Euro-steps’? — Jim Corrigan, Fairview Park.

You Said It “winners” can identify with a 13-40 record.

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