CLEVELAND —  "You Said It" is a reader participation column based on the premise that if you don't laugh about Cleveland sports you'll cry.

And that if you do laugh about Cleveland sports, you might still end up crying. But at least friends and family will like being around you more. 


Bud: I remember hearing when Manny Ramirez was on a hot streak he would grab different teammates bats in the dugout and get hits with them. Didn’t matter whose. Is it wrong for me to say Jose Ramirez could pop up with any bat in the rack? — Tim, C-Town.

Wrong? Not really. Helpful? Not really.

Bud: Has your time spent in Cleveland during the Charlie Manuel regime enhanced your ability to interpret Freddie Kitchens? — Jim Corrigan, Fairview Park.

Yes. And things of that sort.

Bud: If these Warriors can’t get their act together, their loyal fans of seven whole years will miss out on the celebration with their Juiceros full of Solvent... and hell will be paid. — JC Beck.

Hell being paid in the Bay Area is still easier than paying the rent.

Bud: Do you think it's time for all YSI contributors to "get on the train or get off?” — Jim Walsh, Olmsted Falls.

Let's not paint with such a broad brush. Some are just trying to get out of jail first.

Hey Bud, what’s shakin? — David.

Those of you who've asked how you get taken off double secret YSI probation, this is not it.

Bud: So the USA women beat Thailand 13-0 in World Cup soccer? Who brought the juice boxes for the Thai side? — Kevin.

I would assume a parent, if not coach Hue Jackson.

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Bud: With all of the hype surrounding the Browns do you happen to know if any current Browns player owns a motorcycle, drone or has an interest in rock climbing? — Nate J., Brunswick.

You know as well as I do that nothing can go wrong.

Bud: I read the Indians are having a ‘Jose Ramirez Cap Giveaway.’ Will the caps have the Columbus Clippers logo on them? — Andy Haag, Canton.

You Said It “winners” like to think of themselves as MVP candidates.

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