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Will Baker Mayfield come to Cleveland Browns training camp a changed man? -- Bud Shaw's You Said It

Cleveland sports fans wonder about Baker Mayfield's wedding, the life of a NBA 'Have Not' and the Indians march on the Minnesota Twins.
Credit: Cleveland Browns Twitter
Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield sported a clean-shaven look at OTAs practice Thursday, fulfilling the promise of ditching the beard for his summer wedding to Emily Wilkinson.

CLEVELAND —  "You Said It" is a reader participation column based on the premise that if you don't laugh about Cleveland sports you'll cry.

And that if you do laugh about Cleveland sports, you might still end up crying. But at least friends and family will like being around you more. 


Bud: Baker Mayfield is getting married this weekend. I’m concerned marriage will soften him, make him less vengeful against people he thinks have wronged him. It’s part of what makes him a great competitor — Tim, C-Town.

No worries. Any chance of that happening passed the day he sent his “Lose the Date” cards to Colin Cowherd, Hue Jackson and thousands of his closest enemies.

Bud:  We can not understand why the Browns refuse to hire you to chaperon their players when they are out at night! — O. Bill Stone.

Maybe it’s because the last time I stayed out past 9 it was because the bingo flashboard malfunctioned.

Bud: What do the ‘Have Nots’ of NBA teams do this time of year to keep busy? — Jim Corrigan, Fairview Park.

The handful that kid themselves that they’re still competitive quietly meet at an undisclosed location to pitch pennies.

Bud: The Indians have cut the Twins lead to seven games. I know it will challenge the media to move on to another topic, but maybe now we stop talking about being sellers instead of buyers at the trade deadline. — Randy.

Yes. If this keeps up, soon we will be able to talk about standing pat at the trade deadline.

Bud: You think there are (military) veterans out there who come upon 'You Said It,’ then wonder if we are using wisely the independence they helped preserve? — Keith, Cleveland.

Definitely. But ever since a 2016 survey of American college graduates revealed that 10 percent thought Judge Judy was a member of the Supreme Court, I don’t think You Said It has ranked at the top of our heroes list of regrets.

Bud: In an effort to boost attendance, has Tribe brass considered having a Democratic Presidential Candidate Night? — Jim Corrigan, Fairview Park.

I would attend just to see Marianne Williamson throw out the first cliche.

Bud: With the All Star game almost upon us, you have to wonder if after Hue Jackson's dismissal from Cleveland he is still such a fan of Terry Francola? — East Side Eddie.

Against seemingly long odds, calling the Indians manager “Coach Francola” somehow turned out to be one of Hue’s lesser blunders.

Bud: I see where Odell Beckham made Baker’s wedding guest list. Do you think Odell is savvy enough about wedding etiquette to know it’s considered bad form to try to outdress the bride? — Jim in Cleveland.

You Said It winners finally stop getting left at the altar.