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Lexus Tips from the Tee: How to better utilize your hybrid club

Golf pro Jimmy Hanlin delivers tips to improve your game on the course. In this installment, Hanlin talks about how to better utilize a hybrid club.

Hybrid golf clubs are great, but you might be hitting them the wrong way. As a PGA Golf Pro, Jimmy Hanlin sees people hitting up on the ball with these clubs all the time, but he has a different take on how to hit using a hybrid.

In this installment of Lexus Tips from the Tee, this drill shows WKYC’s Nick Camino why you should hit down on the ball to give you more solid contact. He uses a tee placed in front of the ball to give Nick a target to aim for as he stays down through his contact with the ball. They make it look easy to hit with this popular golf club.

Tip 1: How to avoid a slice

Tip 2: How to use lower body mechanics to better strike the ball

Tip 3: How to drive the ball further

Tip 5: How to master the backswing

Tip 6: How to hit a flop shot

Tip 7: How to effectively transition from backswing

Tip 8: How to improve swing mechanics