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Lexus Tips from the Tee: How to effectively transition from backswing

Golf pro Jimmy Hanlin delivers tips to improve your game on the course. In this installment, Hanlin talks about how to effectively transition from your backswing int

Tour players practice their transition from back swing to through swing to get consistency in their game. PGA Golf Pro Jimmy Hanlin has a great tool for you to use to work on that same transitional point in your golf swing. It’s called the orange whip, and it exaggerates the head of the club, helping the golfer feel the transition in their swing.

In this installment of Lexus Tips from the Tee, WKYC’s Nick Camino takes some practice swings with the orange whip to help him understand when he is pulling through the swing too much. This practice will give your game more consistency as you learn how to relax through the transition.

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