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Lexus Tips from the Tee: How to master the backswing

Golf pro Jimmy Hanlin delivers tips to improve your game on the course. In this installment, Hanlin talks about how to improve your backswing.

Go to the outside and hit from the inside.

There is more to golf than just striking the ball, and it starts with the backswing.

In this installment of Lexus Tips from the Tee, PGA Golf Pro Jimmy Hanlin teaches WKYC’s Nick Camino to avoid bringing the club too far inside on the backswing, and instead, going outside of the normal range of motion in order to generate more space and power on the approach to the ball and get the ideal drive.

Tip 1: How to avoid a slice

Tip 2: How to use lower body mechanics to better strike the ball

Tip 3: How to drive the ball further

Tip 4: How to better utilize the hybrid club

Tip 6: How to hit a flop shot

Tip 7: How to effectively transition from backswing

Tip 8: How to improve swing mechanics