Early in the golf season, players often struggle with making solid contact with the ball. Without solid contact, it’s easy to hit behind the ball, causing it to fall short of your potential distance. However, with a few adjustments to the stance, players can correct this issue to get the most out of their swings.

In this installment of Lexus Tips from the Tee, PGA Golf Pro Jimmy Hanlin shows WKYC’s Nick Camino a drill that can prevent your hips from moving during your swing and get a clean hit on the ball. With some practice you’ll be hitting like a pro soon, too.

Tip 1: How to avoid a slice

Tip 3: How to drive the ball further

Tip 4: How to better utilize the hybrid club

Tip 5: How to master the backswing

Tip 6: How to hit a flop shot

Tip 7: How to effectively transition from backswing

Tip 8: How to improve swing mechanics