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'It's bittersweet.' 3News' Maureen Kyle reflects on dad's career as coach Chuck Kyle announces retirement from St. Ignatius

'This was our life. This wasn’t just a job. For him, it wasn’t a job. It was what he loved to do every single day,' Maureen Kyle said of her dad.

CLEVELAND — Chuck Kyle is a legend in Northeast Ohio sports. Now, coach Kyle has announced he will be hanging up the whistle as he retires from St. Ignatius High School after the 2022 season.

His daughter, 3News’ Maureen Kyle, shared her thoughts Tuesday morning.

“It’s bittersweet – for not only him, but for our entire family,” she explained

She said her dad has always had a “magical” quality when it comes to children.

“I think that’s what made him so special to people -- as I’m hearing a lot of the feedback -- is that he just had that magical ability to relate to kids on all levels,” she said.

That quality is something she experienced while growing up with him as a father.

“My childhood was magical because of what happened and what unfolded,” she said.

Maureen also took a moment to share a childhood photo with her dad.

“Even before he officially told me [about retirement], I was looking at my own daughter – who is the same age that I was in this photo during one of the championships – and it feels like yesterday to me.”

As 3News’ Jim Donovan discussed news of Kyle’s retirement during What’s New on Monday afternoon, he also shared a funny inside story involving Maureen.

“We went over to his house in Westlake to do a live shot with him,” Donovan recalls. “He sat in the chair and there was a little girl dancing around in her pajamas, young little girl. We were trying to get the interview done – and that was our own Maureen Kyle.”

It’s a moment Maureen will never forget.

“I remember that moment,” she said. “I remember that look on Jimmy’s face, too. We tell that story all the time, he and I. That was probably like the moment I was like, ‘This is so cool. This is his job? I want to do this!’ … That’s how much life has been weaved into this career that my dad has had. There are so many milestone moments that are involved in what he’s done at St. Ignatius.”

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3News’ Dave Chudowsky also offered his memories of coach Kyle.

“The emotions I’m having going back to when I was younger in the ‘80s, that was prime high school football for me,” he told Maureen. “He was a hero to so many people all these years. It’s incredible. I don’t know if you guys even realize the impact he’s had on men that have grown up to be fathers and what they have done for their kids.”

So what’s next for coach Kyle after the 2022 season is done?

“We are going to keep him busy. I have a 3-year-old who thinks he is the sun, moon and stars.”

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